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Interactive Investor Review

Interactive Investor is an award-winning online investment service providing DIY investors with the tools and support they need to manage shares, funds, ISAs, SIPPs and more.

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April 19, 2022

Is Interactive Investor any good?

Interactive Investor is the UK’s leading flat-fee investment platform, providing award-winning investment services and financial information since 1995.

Its key mission is to give DIY investors the tools and support they need to make informed investment decisions.

With Interactive Investor, you can open a range of investment accounts, including a Stocks and Shares ISA, General Trading Account, and Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP). 

If you choose to invest with Interactive Investor, you’ll gain access to the largest number of UK investment options in the market. You can invest in over 40,000 equities across the world's leading exchanges in multiple currencies, and the widest range of funds, investment trusts, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

How does Interactive Investor work? 

Please note: as with all investments, your capital is at risk.

With Interactive Investor, you can invest as follows:

Stocks and Shares ISA

  • An Interactive Investor ISA allows up to £20,000 of tax-free investments per year, with the option to invest in a broad range of shares, funds, ETFs, investment trusts and more. 
  • With regular investing, you can contribute as little as £25 a month. The process takes just a few minutes, and you can use the web, tablet or mobile app to track your portfolio.

Click here to learn more about the Interactive Investor ISA.

Junior ISA

  • Interactive Investor’s Junior ISA is designed to help you build up a sum of money through tax-efficient investment on behalf of a child. Those with parental responsibility can open a Junior ISA and invest a maximum of £9,000 per annum, tax-free. 
  • Like a standard ISA, the minimum contribution to start investing in an Interactive Investor Junior ISA is £25 a month. 
  • The Junior ISA must be opened by the parent or guardian of the child, but anyone can pay into it. Once the child turns 16, they can manage the account, and once they turn 18, the Junior ISA becomes a standard adult ISA that the child can withdraw cash from.

Click here to learn more about the Interactive Investor Junior ISA.

Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)

  • An Interactive Investor SIPP offers a tax-efficient way to build up an income for when you retire. 
  • As with most pensions, you’ll receive tax relief on up to 100% of your earnings every year, with the maximum cap at £40,000. In essence, your contributions are topped up by the government with an additional 20% - so if you decide to invest £8,000, the government will contribute a further £2,000, bringing your total to £10,000.  
  • Interactive Investor gives you the freedom to decide exactly where your pension is invested, and because it charges a simple flat fee every month, you can keep more of what you make from your investments as they grow. 
  • For higher rate and additional rate taxpayers, further tax relief can be claimed through a self-assessment tax return.

Special offer: Open a SIPP and pay no monthly fee for 6 months. Terms apply.

Click here for more information on the Interactive Investor SIPP.

Trading Account

  • Interactive Investor’s Trading Account offers a flexible approach to investing, so it is perfect for those who want uncapped investment options. 
  • Along with the choice to invest in a broad range of shares, funds, trusts and ETFs, you’ll be sent expert insights to help make you a more confident investor. 
  • With Interactive Investor, you can save in currency costs by managing your money in multiple currencies across the world's leading exchanges. 
  • Using the Interactive Investor iOS or Android app, you can access your money and trade securely at any time.

Click here for more information on the Interactive Investor Trading Account.

Other Tools and Features

Quick Start Funds

Quick Start Funds is designed to make investing easy through ready-made portfolios. You can choose from six competitively charged funds provided by investment firms Vanguard and BMO, depending on your risk appetite.

This includes three passively managed funds (Vanguard) that aim to return the market's performance over time, and three actively managed funds (BMO) that aim to deliver better returns than the market.

Click here to find out more about Quick Start Funds and what one would be right for you.

Model Portfolios

Interactive Investor has five model portfolios to help you reach your investment goals. This includes growth and income options, as well as an ethical portfolio.

As the names suggest, the growth portfolios focus on helping you grow your money over a more extended period of time, the income portfolios are designed for those looking to draw a regular income from their investments, and the ethical portfolio demonstrates how you can align your principles and values to your investments.

Click here to learn more about Interactive Investor Model Portfolios.

Free Research Account

When you open a free research account with Interactive Investor, you gain access to additional insights, watchlists, a virtual portfolio and email updates. 

Ethical Investing: ACE & ACE 40

For those who prefer to invest ethically, Interactive Investor have created three ethical investment styles called ‘ACE’. These represent  ‘Avoid’, ‘Considers’ and ‘Embraces’ - each containing carefully selected funds that take into account strict environmental and social governance criteria.

Interactive Investor also offers a useful resource called ACE 40 - a list of over 140 ethical investment options to help you identify the environmentally and socially responsible funds, trusts and ETFs that best reflect your values.

Company Account

An Interactive Investor Company Account gives you the option to trade in the name of a UK limited company. You can invest in funds, ETFs, investment trusts, and both UK and international equities.

Pension Trading Account

Use your Interactive Investor Pension Trading Account to buy a range of shares, funds, ETFs and investment trusts. You can set the account up to link with an existing SIPP or SSAS run by your preferred pension provider.

It can then be used to manage your pension, but your provider will handle any queries relating to paying contributions or updating your details as normal.

ii Super 60

The ii Super 60 is Interactive Investor’s rated list of quality investment options, sorted into asset groups and investment categories.

With a range of active and passive funds, ETFs and investment trusts, it’s a great tool to track the market environment and find exactly what assets are best suited to your investment needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Interactive Investor's fees?

Interactive Investor has three subscription plans to choose from:

Investor Plan (£9.99 per month): All the basics. This plan gives you access to a trading account, ISA, and as many Junior ISAs as you have children. It also comes with one free trade (funds or shares), free regular investing, and for an extra £10, you can add a SIPP. Additional trades are £7.99 per trade.

Pension Builder (£12.99 per month): A simple, low-cost SIPP.
This plan gives you access to a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) and the same full range of investment options as the Investor plan. The plan also comes with free regular investing, but there is no free trade. Trades are £7.99 per trade.

Super Investor (£19.99 per month): Lowest trading fees.
This plan gives you access to a trading account, ISA, and as many Junior ISAs as you have children. It also comes with two free trades (funds or shares), free regular investing, and free Friends and Family (which allows you to invite others to invest through your plan without paying a monthly fee). Additional trades are £3.99 per trade, and for an extra £10, you can add a SIPP.

‍Regular Investing Service: No charge

Click here for a more detailed breakdown of rates and charges. 

2. How do you trade on Interactive Investor?

When you sign up to an Interactive Investor trading account, you gain access to over 40,000 investments, including UK and overseas shares, funds, investment trusts, and ETFs. You can invest through an ISA, SIPP and more, with access to a free research account for additional insights.

The trading account offers a history of documents and transactions relating to your investments, to give you a clearer view of your personal investment history. There is also an option to create watchlists as part of a Virtual Portfolio so that you can track a portfolio of shares, ETFs, investment trusts and more.

In essence, the platform allows you to manage all of your investment needs in one place via the web, tablet or app.

Click here to learn more about the Interactive Investor trading account and platform.

3. Is Interactive Investor good for beginners?

Interactive Investor’s platform is designed to give DIY investors, including beginners and experts, the tools and support to make informed investment decisions. It aims to provide useful financial information to help simplify the investment process and offers a wide range of investment options so that you can choose what’s best for you.

4. Is Interactive Investor expensive?

Interactive Investor offers a simple and transparent flat-fee that starts at £9.99 and increases depending on what additional features you wish to use. It doesn’t charge percentage-based fees like other investment platforms do, which means you can keep more of your investments as they grow. There are also no leaving or joining fees, making the process of moving your money quick and easy.

Click here for a more detailed breakdown of rates and charges.

You can also use our investment platform or stock broker comparison table to see how Interactive Investor compares to other investment platforms in the UK.

5. Is Interactive Investor regulated by the FCA?

Yes, Interactive Investor is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Have a look at their permissions on the FCA Register.

6. Is my money safe with Interactive Investor?

Interactive Investor offers its customers Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) protection, which means that your assets are protected up to £85,000 per person. 

This means you can get your money back if Interactive Investor were to go bust. Keep in mind that the FSCS does not cover losses arising from the performance of any of your investments.

7. How do I open an account with Interactive Investor?

Visit Interactive Investor's website here.


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