Budget by Koody

Your solution to personal budgeting without connecting your bank accounts.

Budget by Koody is the UK’s number one manual budgeting app.

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Budget by Koody

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Two screenshots of Budget by Koody

Your solution to personal budgeting without connecting your bank accounts.

Budget by Koody is the UK's number one manual budgeting app.

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No Banking Info Required

Budget by Koody gives you total control to input your transactions.

It is a manual budgeting app that does not require you to sync your bank account or share sensitive data, so you’ll rest easy knowing that the money in your account is untouched, safe and secure.

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Track Spending

Budget by Koody gives you total control over your budget, so that you can account for every transaction in as much detail as you’d like. Enter your own personalised titles, input specific amounts down to the penny, store your receipts digitally and add personal notes to each manual transaction.

Use Budget by Koody to pre-plan or forecast your bank transactions and help you avoid any overdrafts, all without the need to connect to your bank account.

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Categorise Expenses

Budget by Koody allows you to input monthly spending limits into 20 fully-customisable budget categories, ranging from Groceries, Rent and Household Bills to the more personal expenses such as Drinking and Eating Out. You can also take advantage of the ‘Miscellaneous’ category to input expenses that may not suit any of the existing categories.

Customise your spending categories with an image of your choice to make the app personal to you or to help incentivise your savings.

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Set Savings Goals

Budget by Koody helps you reach your savings goals faster by giving you a full breakdown of your progress on demand.

Set your own saving limits and due dates, and the app will tell you how much you have left to save, and how many days (or months) you have until your due date.

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Monitor Contributions

For every saving goal, you’ll receive a visual breakdown of your progress in the form of a percentage labelled graph to further incentivise your savings.

Set as many savings goals as you like and log each contribution on your own terms.

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Get Spending Insights

Monitor your progress and spending habits through the app’s stored historical data, where you can track expenses dating back several months and use them to set new goals.

Receive a continually updated overview of your monthly spending, with a reminder of your total monthly budget, total monthly spend and remaining daily spending limit to keep you within your budget.

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Budget by Koody Insights
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View Reminders

View all your upcoming expenses, such as household bills and subscriptions.

Simply set your payment frequency and let Budget by Koody do the rest. Choose from weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly payment frequencies.

Filter your expense reminders by date for ease of access, or simply track them all in one place.

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Auto-Fill Recurring Expenses

Budget by Koody’s Auto-fill feature allows you to skip the process of manually logging each recurring expense.

Simply tell the app that an expense is recurring, and tap the Auto-fill button to save you the time and hassle.

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Choose Your Currency

Budget by Koody allows you to budget in your preferred currency.

When you sign up for Budget by Koody, you’ll have the option to choose from £, $ or € for a more accurate picture of your transactions, according to where you are in the world. 

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Select your preferred currency on Budget by Koody
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Upload Receipts

With Budget by Koody's Receipts feature, you won't have to continually fish for receipts at the bottom of your bag, risk misplacing them or worry about the all too familiar problem of your receipt ink fading.

Simply snap a photo of your receipts and store them digitally so that you can access them at any time, all in one place.

Your digital receipts will give you a reliable paper trail of your expenses, helping you fact-check and keep your budgets accurate.

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Budget by Koody's Upload Receipt Feature
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Discover Learning Resources

Use Budget by Koody’s handy ‘Discover’ tab to access a host of personal finance resources and guides, including the Koody Community and Koody Blog.

Learn about Investing, Pensions, Savings, Cryptocurrencies and more to keep informed and kickstart your journey towards financial freedom.

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Budget by Koody

Budget by Koody is a free manual money management and budgeting app that offers a simple and personalised approach to keeping you on track with your finances, giving you complete control to account for your expenses and monitor your spending habits over time.

The Budget by Koody app is suitable for most people, including singles, couples and students. You do not need to link your bank account to access Budget by Koody. Simply download the app, and start budgeting free of charge. If you want to access extra features within the app, you can subscribe to Budget by Koody Pro for £1 per month or £10 per year.

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