Emma App Review

Emma App Review

Emma is a money management app that automatically categorises your expenses to help set budgets, cancel wasteful subscriptions, and save you money in the long run.

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December 26, 2021

How does Emma work?

Emma analyses your finances in one place, giving you a clearer insight into your spending behaviour, as well as a host of tools to help you make smarter decisions with your money.

Manage your money in one place

  • Emma manages all of your transactions in one place, which means you can track your bank accounts, savings and investments, credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and pensions together.
  • Working with major banking providers across the UK, Emma gives you an overall view of transactions across your accounts in real-time, saving you the hassle of having to check your individual banking apps.
  • With Emma, you have the option to create manual accounts for any of the providers they may not cover or to simply record and keep track of your cash expenses.

Smart Budgeting

  • Emma’s technology can group your transactions into various spending categories to make tracking your expenses much more straightforward.
  • Set your own budgets and let Emma do the rest. Emma will sync your personal budgets to your pay period and use the ‘Emma reports’ feature to let you know if you’re on track or if you need to slow down your spending.

Track Subscriptions

  • Recurring payments can be hard to trace, but not with Emma. Emma analyses, identifies and provides you with a list of all your active subscriptions.
  • Emma shows you a complete history of transactions for each subscription provider, allowing you to detect any price changes and cancel wasteful subscriptions.

How much does Emma cost?

It's free to download the app and get started with Emma. 

Then, Emma has two subscription plans to choose from:


Cost: Free 

Top Features: 

  • Track bank fees and find out why you’re being charged.
  • Understand your spending habits better with Emma’s automatic payment categoriser.
  • Receive feedback reports to incentivise saving.

Emma Pro

Cost: £9.99 per month (or £59.99 a year)

Top Features: 

  • Earn 2x cashback with a range of retailers when you purchase via the Emma app. Cashback rewards will appear in your Emma wallet and can be withdrawn to PayPal.
  • Create custom transaction categories that are personal to your lifestyle and set budgets against them.
  • Set saving targets and track your progress.
  • Manually create any account to track things like cash purchases, mortgages and accounts in countries that are not supported by Emma.

Is Emma regulated by the FCA?

Yes, to carry out payment services activities.

Does Emma connect to my bank account?

Yes, in order to view all your transactions in one place, you need to connect Emma to your bank account(s).

Is Emma safe?

According to Emma, it uses the same encryption technology as all major banks to protect your personal information. It doesn’t store your banking credentials and can only access your data in read-only mode. This means that your account can’t be breached, and the money in it can’t be touched.

Can you withdraw money from Emma?

No, but any rewards gained through the app that appear in your Emma Wallet can be withdrawn via PayPal.

Does Emma have a referral scheme?

Yes. Earn a £15 referral reward when the person you refer subscribes to Emma Pro using your unique Emma referral link. 

How do I get the Emma app?

Download the Emma app here.

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