Budget by Koody Review

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May 25, 2022
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Halimah Omogiafo
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Budget by Koody Review


1. Is Budget by Koody any Good?

Budget by Koody is an excellent solution to personal budgeting and money management without the need to connect your bank account. It offers a simple and personalised approach to keeping you on track with your finances, giving you complete control to account for your expenses, set budgets and monitor your spending habits over time.

2. How Does Budget by Koody Work?

There’s no requirement to connect your bank account

  1. Budget by Koody offers a unique solution to budgeting by giving you the control to input your own transactions. It is a budgeting app that does not require you to connect your bank account or share any sensitive data, so you can rest easy knowing that the money in your account is untouched, safe and secure.
  2. Budget by Koody also allows you to pre-plan or forecast your bank transactions and helps you avoid any overdrafts, all without connecting your bank account.
  3. You won’t need to sync any additional apps or fill out any lengthy forms. Simply download the app and start budgeting instantly. 

Track your spending

  1. Budget by Koody gives you total control over your budget so that you can account for every transaction in as much detail as you’d like. You may enter your own personalised titles, input specific amounts down to the penny, store your receipts digitally and add personal notes to each manual transaction.
  2. Click here to learn more about how Budget by Koody can help you track your spending.

 Categorise expenses

  1. Budget by Koody allows you to input monthly spending limits into twenty different budget categories, ranging from Groceries, Rent and Household Bills to the more personal expenses such as Drinking and Eating Out. Users can also take advantage of the ‘Miscellaneous’ category to input expenses that may not suit any of the existing categories.
  2. Each spending category is colour-coded to help you differentiate between them. Use Budget by Koody’s Overview Tab to access your personalised colour-coded spending graph, which provides an easy visual aid of your budget and the various spending ratios that it is split between.
  3. Customise your spending categories with an image of your choice to make the app personal to you or to help incentivise your savings.
  4. Click here to learn more about categorising your expenses and setting budgets with Budget by Koody.

Upload receipts 

  1. With Budget by Koody’s receipts feature, you won’t have to continually fish for receipts at the bottom of your bag, risk misplacing them or worry about the all too familiar problem of your receipt ink fading. Simply snap a photo of your receipts and store them digitally so that you can access them at any time, all in one place.
  2. Your digital receipts will give you a reliable paper trail of your expenses, helping you fact-check and keep your budgets accurate.
  3. Click here to learn more about uploading your paper receipts to Budget by Koody.

Get spending insights

  1. Budget by Koody allows you to monitor your progress and spending habits through the app’s stored historical data, where you can track expenses dating back several months and use them to set new goals.
  2. You’ll also receive a continually updated overview of your monthly spending, with a reminder of your total monthly budget, total monthly spend and remaining daily spending limit to keep you within your budget.
  3. Click here to learn more about spending insights on Budget by Koody.

Discover learning resources 

  1. You can use Budget by Koody’s handy ‘Discover’ tab to access a host of personal finance resources and guides, including easy access to the Koody Community and Koody Blog. Learn about Investing, Cryptocurrencies, Pensions, Savings, and more to keep informed and kickstart your journey towards financial freedom.
  2. Click here to learn more.

3. Is Budget by Koody Free?

Yes, Budget by Koody is a free budgeting and money management app. However, to access extra features within the app, you need to subscribe to Budget by Koody Pro for £1 a month or £10 a year.

4. Does Budget by Koody Connect to Your Bank Account?

No, Budget by Koody does not connect to your bank account. It gives you complete control to account for your expenses, forecast any upcoming bills and monitor your spending habits over time. You’ll decide exactly what you’re inputting into the app for a fully personalised budget.

5. Is Budget by Koody Safe?

Since you are not required to share your bank details with Budget by Koody when you download or use the app, you can rest assured that your bank details carry no risk of being accessed. You’ll be in full control of the transactions that you input into the app.

6. Is Budget by Koody Regulated by the FCA?

No, Budget by Koody does not require FCA authorisation as it does not carry out any of the activities specified in the Regulated Activities Order 2001 or the Payment Services Regulations 2017. The app does not carry out any payment services activities and instead offers a safe manual budgeting service.

7. Can You Pay or Withdraw Money With Budget by Koody?

No, you cannot. Budget by Koody allows you to input your expenses, forecast upcoming bills and monitor and track your spending habits.

8. Does Budget by Koody Have a Referral Scheme?

Not yet.

9. How Do I Download the Budget by Koody App?

You can download the Budget by Koody app here.

10. Alternatives to Budget by Koody


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