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Halimah Omogiafo
Halimah Omogiafo
April 30, 2021
· 3 min read
Food bank advent campaign banner

We (UK Money Bloggers) are organising our fourth annual #FoodBankAdvent campaign to help get more food and essential supplies to those who need it this Christmas. 

This year more than ever, many people are relying on food banks for food and supplies. The Trussell Trust, the leading network of food banks in the UK, estimates a 61% increase in demand for food parcels this winter compared to last year. That's about six emergency food parcels every minute!

To help reduce hunger, I am participating in this campaign, and you can participate too.

Here's how to join the campaign:

1. Financial Donation

We've set up this GoFundMe page to make it easy for you to support both the Trussell Trust and our campaign.

2. Donate via an Online Supermarket

  • Morrisons - you can buy a £10 food bank voucher that goes towards 50 of the food banks in the UK that are most in need.
  • Waitrose -  you can add a digital green token at checkout, as you do in-store.
  • Tesco - you can convert Clubcard vouchers to a donation to the Trussell Trust.

3. Participate in our Reverse Advent Calendar

For 24 days throughout the month of November, fill up a box with essential food and toiletries. At the end of the month, drop off your advent box at your local food bank or supermarket. Many supermarkets have an area to drop off your donations. It's important to do this in November, so you are able to donate the advent box at the start of December. This gives the food banks enough time to sort the items, repackage them and distribute them to families before Christmas. Here's an example of someone packing up her box: 

4. Spread the Word on Social Media

Use any of the share buttons at the bottom or top of this page to spread the word on social media. If you are participating in the food bank advent calendar, you can share your progress each day on social media. Do use the hashtag #FoodBankAdvent. Here's an example:

Halimah Omogiafo

Halimah Omogiafo

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