Introducing Budget by Koody: A Budgeting App That Doesn’t Connect to Your Bank Account.

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Zahra Khaliq
Zahra Khaliq
April 29, 2022
· 3 min read
Budget by Koody App
Budget by Koody App

When it comes to money, not everyone feels comfortable sharing their personal information. And while almost all of today’s budgeting apps call for a mandatory link to your bank account, we’re putting the power back in your hands and giving you the control to account for your finances in a way that suits you.

If you’re looking for a simple and personalised approach to effective money management, then we’ve got you covered. Budget by Koody is the only budgeting app of its kind that lets you organise and track your finances in meticulous detail, without the need to connect to your bank account!

Budget by Koody optimises a manual approach to budgeting, which means that you’ll have the power to record every transaction in as much detail as you like. You can enter your own personalised titles, input specific amounts down to the penny, store your receipts digitally and add personal notes to each manual transaction.

There are 20 fully-customisable budget categories that you can input spending limits into, including expenses like ‘rent’, ‘groceries’ and a ‘miscellaneous’ category to record any ad-hoc expenses of your choice. You can estimate your spending limits with our 50-30-20 calculator within the app.

And that’s not all. Budget by Koody helps you maintain a healthy relationship with your money and reach your savings goals faster by providing you with insights into your spending behaviour.

Two screenshots of the Budget by Koody App

When you create a personal savings goal on Budget by Koody, you’ll have the power to set your own saving limits and due dates, and the app will give you a full breakdown of your progress on demand, reminding you how much you have left to save, and how many days left to reach your goal.

If you’re over-budget, Budget by Koody will tell you. On track? Budget by Koody will tell you. If you’ve set yourself a week to save £100 for your Cornwall trip but have only saved half by day six, Budget by Koody will tell you. In other words, we’re here to help you become the most financially responsible version of yourself.

Budget by Koody’s ‘Discover’ tab also gives you access to a host of personal finance resources and guides, including access to the Koody Community and Koody Blog to help you along your journey!

The app doesn’t store or share any banking data, so you’ll rest easy knowing that your money is untouched, safe and secure. And remember, there’s absolutely no need to connect to your bank to get started, making Budget by Koody the best free budgeting app that does not require your bank information.

Get the best free budgeting app that doesn’t require bank info by downloading Budget by Koody for free here, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. 

Please note: To access advanced features within the app, you need to subscribe to Budget by Koody Pro for just £1 a month, or £10 a year!

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Zahra Khaliq

Zahra Khaliq

Hi, my name is Zahra, and I'm responsible for Content and SEO at Koody. Here to simplify and provide tips on personal finance so that you can kickstart your journey towards financial independence.
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