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Money Dashboard Review

Updated On:
May 25, 2022
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Money Dashboard Review

How does Money Dashboard work?

Money Dashboard allows you to view your bank transactions in one place, giving you a clearer picture of your spending habits. It also has a host of other financial tools to help you get the most of your money.

Manage your money in one place

  • Money Dashboard connects to your accounts in minutes and manages all of your transactions in one place, which means you can track your online current accounts, savings accounts and credit cards at once. 
  • Connecting to over 40 banking providers across the UK, Money Dashboard saves you the hassle of having to check your individual bank accounts or banking apps.
  • Money Dashboard allows you to create manual accounts for any specific bank or investment account that you are unable to connect to.

Smart Budgeting 

  • Money Dashboard’s Spending Plan tool encourages effective money management through forecasted cashflows. By deducting your upcoming bills from your balance at any time, you’ll know exactly how much money you have left to spend or save.
  • Achieve your money goals by setting budgets. Amounts that are not budgeted for will be added to the ‘Left to Spend’ category. 

Track Subscriptions

  • With Money Dashboard, your transactions are automatically grouped into categories for ongoing expenses like ‘groceries’ and ‘utility bills’ to break down exactly where your money is going.
  • Money Dashboard highlights your bills and subscriptions in one place, even if they are being paid across multiple bank accounts. With a complete picture of your outgoings, you can easily detect price changes and cancel any wasteful subscriptions.

Is Money Dashboard Free?

Yes, it's entirely free to download the app and get access to all of Money Dashboard’s features.

Money Dashboard may receive a commission if you choose to purchase a sponsored financial service or product that it advertises to you. It also makes money through providing fully anonymised market research to other companies.

Is Money Dashboard regulated by the FCA?

Yes, to carry out payment services activities.

Does Money Dashboard connect to my bank account?

Yes, in order to view all your transactions in one place, you need to connect Money Dashboard to your bank account(s).

Is Money Dashboard safe?

According to Money Dashboard, it employs the same industry-standard security measures as many leading banks. As an FCA regulated service provider, its features are routinely audited by security specialists. 

Money Dashboard protects your personal information by connecting to banks through Open Banking APIs. This means that you don’t have to share your credentials with any third parties and that you have complete control over your data.

Can you withdraw money from Money Dashboard?

No, but you can transfer money across your accounts by using an ‘Add’ and ‘Withdraw’ feature.

Does Money Dashboard have a referral scheme?

Yes. Earn a £15 Amazon Gift Card for every 3 successful referrals. Simply share your referral link with a friend, have them connect an account and earn your reward. 

How do I get the Money Dashboard app?

Download the Money Dashboard app here.

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