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eToro Review

eToro is a multi-asset commission-free brokerage that provides access to over 2,000 stocks, cryptocurrencies, CFDs and other instruments.

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August 2, 2021

Is eToro any good?

eToro is a multi-asset trading platform that helps make traditional money management more accessible to the average person. 

As a social trading platform, eToro offers users a unique trading experience which allows you to follow the financial activity of other top users and copy their investment choices in real-time.

The platform currently provides 15+ million users in over 140 countries easy access to more than 2,500 products, a host of engaging features and a collaborative trading community. 

eToro users can access over 2,000 stocks, cryptocurrencies, CFDs, commodities and copyPortfolios, as well as copy trading. eToro does not offer ISA or SIPP.

How does eToro work? 

Please note: as with all investments, your capital is at risk.

With eToro, you can gain access to a variety of trading opportunities, including:

eToro Stocks & ETFs - 0% commission

  • For traders from Europe, investing in stocks is commission free on the eToro platform when investing in non-leveraged BUY stock positions.
  • eToro was the first online broker to offer commission-free stock investing in Europe; no management, administration or ticketing fees are charged. 
  • eToro also absorbs Stamp Duty charge for clients where applicable, representing an additional saving of 0.5% in the UK and 1% in Ireland.
  • Other advantages of buying shares on eToro include: unlimited trading volume, the ability to buy fractional shares, free access to TipRanks’ expert stock analysis and eToro’s notifications on volatility and market events.
  • eToro’s most popular stocks include Apple, Facebook, Tesla, Amazon and Google. 
  • Visit eToro to learn more about commission-free trading.

eToro CFDs

  • eToro’s CFD trading feature enables users to open SELL (short) positions, use leverage and buy fractional shares. For example, on eToro, you can invest as little as US$100 in a stock that actually costs US$500.
  • Zero commission does not apply to stock CFDs.
  • Visit eToro to learn more about CFDs.

eToro Crypto

  • eToro offers easy access to most of the major coins, and the ability to invest in crypto with a small amount of money.
  • In addition to popular cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum, users will find over 16 other leading cryptocurrencies along with a range of CryptoPortfolios, managed by eToro’s Investment Committee.
  • If you open long (BUY) crypto positions without leverage, eToro will purchase and hold the crypto on your behalf. Short (SELL) and leveraged positions opened for cryptocurrencies on eToro are executed using CFDs.
  • eToro offers over 60 crypto-related assets to trade. This means users can trade two different types of cryptocurrencies against each other.
  • Visit eToro to learn more about trading crypto on the platform.

eToro CopyPortfolios

eToro’s CopyPortfolio allows users to follow the financial activity of other top users and copy their investment choices in real-time. Think of CopyPortfolios as investing in a fund curated by top investors on the eToro platform or eToro’s internal investment committee.

There are three CopyPortfolios to choose from:

  • Top Trader CopyPortfolios: Here, users can copy the trades of the best-performing traders on eToro typically according to a predefined strategy.
  • Market CopyPortfolios: This allows users to choose from a combination of instruments bundled together according to a predefined theme.
  • Partner CopyPortfolios: These are portfolios created by eToro’s partners. Examples are: Tipranks; a stock analyst software company, WeSave, a French robo advisor and Meitav Dash, a multibillion-dollar investment company.

Visit eToro to learn more about CopyPortfolios.

Other Tools and Features

Social Trading

eToro boasts one of the largest social trading communities in the world, enabling over 15+ million users worldwide to share their thoughts, experiences and knowledge of trading and financial markets with one another.


eToro’s most popular feature CopyTrader is excellent for beginners or those who simply don’t have time to watch the markets frequently. It allows users to automatically copy top-performing traders, with the option to fine-tune their needs by stopping or pausing the copy, or adding and removing funds at any time. Users can choose up to 100 traders to copy simultaneously.

eToro News Feed

eToro’s News Feed works as a personalised social network feed to keep traders connected. You can follow your favourite traders, financial events and interact with members of the eToro community.

Popular Investor Program

If you qualify for eToro’s Popular Investment Program, you can build your own investment business and receive up to 2% of Assets Under Management (AUM) when copied by users. To qualify, you must be a responsible trader with low-risk scores and a minimum investment track record.

eToro Demo Account

All registered eToro users receive a US$100,000 demo account for free, which gives you the chance to practice your investment strategies before investing real money. The account helps broaden your understanding of how the markets work, and gives you the opportunity to see how your investments would perform in real-time. This feature is great for beginners who may be reluctant to invest larger amounts right away. 

eToro Insights

To keep its users informed on the markets, eToro offers daily blog content and notifications about the current state of the markets.

What are eToro’s charges?

Signing up with eToro and accessing a US$100,000 demo account is free, but a minimum deposit of US$50 is required to start investing. 

Here are the key eToro fees and charges:

Currency conversion (FX) fee: 0.5% on every deposit.

Withdrawal fee: US$5 for every withdrawal.

The minimum withdrawal amount is US$30. Long (BUY), non-leveraged stock and ETF positions are not executed as CFDs and do not incur commission (they do incur conversion and withdrawal fees).

Inactivity fee: US$10 every month after an inactivity period of a year.

Visit eToro’s website to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I trade on eToro?

When you sign up with eToro, you’ll gain access to over 2,000 stocks, most major cryptocurrencies, CFDs, CopyPortfolios and copy trading. The process involves a quick and straightforward online form, followed by a short questionnaire to gauge your level of experience and to tailor the platform to your investment needs.

You’ll need to deposit a minimum amount of US$50 to get started with eToro. Once you make your first deposit, you can start investing in stocks, ETFs, crypto and other instruments.

You can also practice with eToro’s virtual demo account or copy other traders or investors based on their gain, success and risk scores.

2. Is eToro good for beginners?

With a variety of unique instruments and trading tools on offer, along with knowledge from the eToro community, the platform is suitable for various users ranging from beginners to more experienced traders.

eToro's CopyPortfolios is a particularly good feature for beginners as it allows you to copy the investment choices of top users on the platform in real-time. 

eToro’s low minimum deposits, investment variety and fractional shares make it a great choice for those just starting out in their investment journeys. 

3. Is eToro expensive?

eToro users don’t pay any annual platform fees or trading fees. After depositing a minimum amount of US$50 to start trading with eToro, you can then choose how much you want to invest into the platform according to your spending preferences. Please note that withdrawals incur a fee of US$5, and FX rates apply to non USD deposits and withdrawals.

4. Is eToro regulated by the FCA?

Yes, eToro is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Have a look at their permissions on the FCA Register.

5. Is eToro safe?

With eToto, your money is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) up to a maximum of £85,000. This means you can get your money back if eToro were to go bust. Note that the FSCS does not cover losses arising from the performance of any of your investments.

6. Does eToro have a referral scheme?

Yes. Earn up to US$500 when you invite your friends to trade stocks with eToro. For each successful referral, you’ll receive US$50. Please note that you’ll need to have completed a first-time deposit of at least US$50 to your eToro account, and have opened one or more trades of at least US$100. Simply share your unique referral link, which can be accessed on your eToro account, to get started.

7. How do I open an account with eToro?

Visit eToro’s website here.


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