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Currensea Review

Updated On:
May 25, 2022
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How does Currensea work?

Currensea is a Direct Debit travel card that you can link to your personal bank account and use to save on FX fees when travelling abroad. Depending on your chosen Currensea plan, you could save anywhere from 85% to 100% on FX fees worldwide.

Currensea conveniently connects to your bank account through Open Banking, so there is no need to prepay, top-up or create a new bank account when you sign up for a Currensea card.

Currensea has two offerings - Currensea Personal and Currensea Business.

Currensea Personal

Simply download the Currensea app and select your preferred plan or request a Currensea card to get started. With your Currensea card, you can:

Save Money

  • Save at least 85% per transaction with Currensea’s Essential Plan, which is only 0.5% above the FX base rate on all purchases.
  • Save 100% on FX fees per transaction when using Currensea Premium and Currensea Elite.

Pay In Any Currency

  • Worldwide acceptance with Mastercard lets you spend using your Currensea card in all 180 currencies. Your transaction will go through without added fees and at the real-time rate once your bank confirms you have the funds available.

Access Spending Insights

  • Receive instant notifications on the Currensea app and emails every time you spend to help track how much you have saved and contributed per transaction.

Connect Bank Accounts

  • With Currensea, there is no need to pre-pay, top-up or create a new bank account. Currensea conveniently links to your current account so that you can start saving money instantly.

Give Back

  • Select an amount to contribute to your chosen environmental charities that work to plant trees or remove plastic bottles.

Currensea Business

  • You can open up a free business account with Currensea to benefit from 24/7 interbank exchange rates and zero payment fees when spending in any currency. 
  • Currensea works with your existing business account through Open Banking, which means no new bank account or prepaid card is required.
  • Contractors, freelancers and those who are self-employed can also sign up to Currensea Business, as long as they have online access to the account that they use for business purposes and meet the general requirements. Read about Currensea Business eligibility requirements on the Currensea website
  • Click here to register for your Currensea Business card.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How much does the Currensea card cost?

It’s free to download the app and get started with Currensea. 

Then, Currensea has three subscription plans to choose from.

Currensea Essential

Cost: £0/year

Top Features: 

  • Charges only 0.5% above the FX base rate on all purchases, saving you at least 85% per transaction.
  • Fee-free foreign ATM withdrawals up to £500/month, with a 1.5% FX fee on withdrawals over £500.
  • Advanced Security and Purchase Protection, meaning you can receive spend notifications, freeze or unfreeze your card at any time and set spending limits. You’ll also have Mastercard chargeback protection.
  • Worldwide acceptance with Mastercard lets you spend using your Currensea card in all 180 currencies.
  • Free delivery of your Mastercard Debit Card. 

Currensea Premium

Cost: £25/year

Top Features: 

  • 0% FX fees on all purchases, saving you 100% per transaction.
  • Fee-free foreign ATM withdrawals up to £500/month, with a 1% FX fee on withdrawals over £500/
  • Currensea Premium Card holders get access to Preferred Hotel and Resorts, with a complimentary nights stay when booking 4+ nights.

Currensea Elite

Cost: £120/year

Top Features: 

  • Fee-free foreign ATM withdrawals up to £750/month, with a 1% FX fee on withdrawals over £750
  • Access to Elite Concierge by “Ten” offering 24/7 concierge services, with luxury benefits including access to premium restaurants across the world, priority booking at the UK’s top dining destinations, popular sports and theatre ticket access and more.
  • Access to over 1,100 lounges in over 400 airports around the world with LoungeKey.
  • Luxury Hotel and Resort benefits, including popular hotel chains Shangri-La, Park Hyatt and Jumeirah. Receive complimentary breakfast daily, room upgrades, early check-in and check-out and more.
  • Avis President Club Membership. 

Currensea business has separate pricing plans. Click here to learn more.

2. Is Currensea regulated by the FCA?

Yes, Currensea is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to carry out payment services activities. Have a look at its regulatory permissions on the FCA Register

3. Does Currensea connect to my bank account?

Yes, in order to access and pay using your Currensea card, you need to connect Currensea to up to two bank accounts.

4. Is Currensea safe?

According to Currensea, it offers the same level of protection as your bank when keeping your information safe. Please note that Currensea accounts are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

5. Can you withdraw money from Currensea?

Yes, you can withdraw cash from your Currensea card at any ATM that accepts Mastercard. 

For withdrawals over £500 per month, a total mark up of 2% is applied on the exchange rate for the Essential Plan, and 1% for the Premium Plan and Business or Freelance customers. For those on the Elite Plan, there is only a 1% exchange rate mark up on withdrawals over £750 per month.

6. Does Currensea have a referral scheme?

Yes. For each successful referral, you and the friend you refer will receive £10 each when they spend their first £100 in foreign currency within 120 days of opening their Currensea account. Your referral code or link can be accessed through the mobile app or Currensea website.

7. How do I get the Currensea app?

Visit Currensea’s website here.

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